Dimitri Smet: Master Chocolatier

Dimitri is a Belgium raised, Australian that brings with him an insane ability to make chocolate in a way that sends people into a spin, begging for more. He makes his delectable treats with love and always an eye for using the farms freshest produce while bringing creative flair only the very best chocolate masters can bring.

We love him and his choccie creations and are sure you will do so too!


Tim Gadischke: Head Cheese Making Guru

What Tim doesn't know about cheese isn't worth knowing. A consumate professional that had plied his trade across some of Australia's best artisan cheese producers.

Having relocated from mainland Australia with his loving and super cute family he is one of Australia's finest artisan cheese makers.

He experiments, he combines and he canoodles to create truly unique tastes and is a super passionate artist in his trade.

Overall, not a bad bloke really and his cheeses are truly magnificent!


Sam El'Khoury: Farm Kitchen Genius

Sam is the passionate head chef that turns out the farm's delicious meals to our eager customers. 

He takes the best of what our farm grows and combines it with other fresh Tasmanian produce to make some truly yummy, healthy and hearty food.

A seasonally focussed menu is what gets his creative juices flowing and you can often see his mind churning over the next idea in the making.

No stranger to Tasmania, Sam has been a chef in some of Tasmania's best eating establishments while having also run his own hugely popular restaurant in Northern Tasmania.

He is pretty handy with a sharp knife and we definitely line up to taste test his latest creations as they emerge from the kitchen.

We hope you enjoy his food too!


Daniel and Melanie Leesong: The Head Honchos 

Daniel and Melanie are responsible for the whole shebang. Armed with a little bit of knowledge (enough to be dangerous according to the makers) and a love of the finer things in life they are the ones that put it all on the line to open the doors at Coal River Farm.

Both originally came from executive or legal backgrounds and as the years went by were hit with the persistent urge to start making stuff. What started as a little knitting and growing a few vegetables (unsuccessfully due to very hungry kangaroos and substandard fencing) turned into something a little larger.

Between their five gorgeous kids who you will see wandering the farm like they own the place and their love of getting things done they are pretty passionate about the Coal River Valley. They get excited by the awesomeness of the region and love making fresh, unique products that put a smile on everyone’s face.

Eleanor, Charles, George, Noah and Flynn: Food Demolishers

These are the kidlets that the farm provides sustenance for. They are cute as buttons and have seriously large appetites.

They take their role of chief quality controllers and in house testing very seriously.

You will often see them frolicking in the fields and generally doing stuff kids like to do, ah the good old days.

When you spy them, have a  play, say hello, or feel free to offer any free advice you may have (listen to your parents is always a good one).